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Download and Install Windows 10 Product Key Right Now

The free update to Windows 10 ended on July 29 and if you haven’t yet updated, you’re out of luck and it’s now going to cost you $119.99.

Or maybe not, because we’ve realized that Microsoft has (rather sneakily) snuck in an update page for those who use assistive technologies to get their free update to Windows 10.

We’re not sure how long this page will stay online, but this is almost certainly your final chance to get Windows 10 for free!

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Windows 10

We have installed the windows 10 product key generator, which also announced in BUILD 2016. Here the news:

  • Cortana universal and powerful

New features have come to Cortana to make her more powerful. These include syncs to allow Cortana to share information across devices connected with your windows 10 pro activation key account. That doesn’t only mean Windows 10 devices, it includes Xbox One and some Android devices that have the Official 1.5 version of Cortana installed.

Cortana has been integrated into more programs: she can now read your emails in Outlook and Skype conversations. The information collected allow you to automate some functions, such as hotel reservations, saving shipping invoices, and ticketing.

  • Command Line Bash

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10? Microsoft has convinced Canonical to work with them, and now Linux users familiar with Bash have the option to open a Bash console to in order to navigate Windows 10. However this does require that you run Windows in developer mode.

windows 10 key

  • New extensions for Edge

In the 14316 build Microsoft Edge – the Internet Explorer replacement – has received new extensions. These include OneNote Clipper and Pinterest which join previously announced add-ons like Microsoft Translator. Of course Edge still has a ways to go before catching up with Google Chrome or Firefox, both of which feature windows 10 pro product key 2016 of extensions, but it is a start.

  • Universal Skype

Skype Bots were also announced at the windows 10 download conference. These tools are being designed to enhance user experience and can already be trialed in some countries (Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States) for users of the latest version of Skype on PC, Android, and iOS. Developers have been invited to start creating Bots with the view of Skype as a potential platform for communication between company and customers.