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End of free Windows 10: can you reinstall without paying?

It’s a year that Windows 10 is out and it is available free of charge in the form of an update to all the machines fitted with a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. If the promise of starting is clear, grey areas remain, that make you wonder what will happen once the last grain of sand will be dropped to the bottom of the hourglass – which is expected tomorrow morning, July 30 at 11:59 am, French time. Microsoft has stalled the end of this period of grace on the Hawaii belt, last State to leave July 29…

Whatever it is, here are four scenarios to try to answer this question: windows 10 key generator, will you pay if you have a problem that requires a relocation after July 29 on.

-your old computer that has never been updated on Windows 10?

End of free Windows 10, can you reinstall without paying

Yes, you need to pay. You have one year to adopt Microsoft’s latest OS. Time is spent. If you have a problem with your “old” computer. You can, of course, windows 10 key cheap, is reinstalling the Windows that animated him. But if you suddenly decide to switch to Windows 10, it will be paying. Count 135 euros for the family version and 279 euros for the Pro version.

-your new computer?

No, you should not pay, if it was sold with a license Windows 10. You can deal with any relocation.

On the other hand, if you bought a ‘naked’ computer and have not installed the free update and don’t have 10 Windows installation disc, you’re going buy a physical copy or dematerialized from Microsoft if you want to install it.

Note that you will not be able to get Windows 10 using a disc / a USB to install Windows eligible even if you were used on your previous computer to switch to Windows 10.

-updated PC updated to Windows 10 from Windows (7 or 8.1)?

No, you should not pay. You can set your machine on Windows 10. As explained by Microsoft: “the free upgrades of Windows are linked to activation. This procedure ensures that your version of the Microsoft OS is genuine and is not installed on more machines than expected.

In the case of an update of Windows 7 and 8.1 carried out during the period of one year, it’s a digital entitlement that is used, and not a 25-character product key. This right was generated during the upgrade.

This means that initially will suffice to start Windows Setup from your installation DVD on your PC (Windows 7 or 8.1). When you will be asked to enter a key, you simply choose to ignore and activation should be done automatically once installation of Windows 10 files downloaded and installed.

-updated PC updated to Windows 10 from Windows (7 or 8.1) that you had to change one or more components?

Maybe you need to pay. The answer is much less obvious. Yes, you can reinstall Windows 10, but not necessarily for free.

The ambiguity lies in the word “substantially”. Microsoft says: “If you have upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer, then changed considerably the hardware of your device, windows 10 pro product key 2017, for example by replacing the motherboard, Windows 10 could no longer be activated.”

Therefore the question is to know what is a significant change. Opt for a new hard drive, is a big trial change? Hard to say.

Another question then arises immediately: If activation is not possible, what must do? Microsoft refers to its support service. Here again, new question, will go through the Fund to get a Windows 10 key? Perhaps, only experience of case by case will tell us.

The next step

windows 10 pro product key 64 bit

If July 29 is the end of the first part of the deployment of Windows 10, on August 2 marked a new stage of importance. It is at this date that Microsoft will make gradually and automatically updating birthday for Windows 10.

Who will be right? Anyone using a Windows duly active 10. That includes people who:
-have spent their 7/8.1 Windows PC to Windows 10 during free period
-bought a computer on Windows 10
-bought a copy (digital or physical) of Windows 10.

If you missed these checkmarks, you need simply acquire licensed Windows 10 to qualify for this first update of importance.