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License key is an important key for your computer, without the product key, the user does not activate Windows version, and cannot use computer.
In fact,  there are very few users who can pay attention to their license key, when people use it to activate Windows, and just put them aside, it is a very bad habit, because you still have the probablity to use the key. However, When you  forgot the keys and don’t worry, we have some ways to recover it. The easy way is that we have a special program to recover your product key.
produkey windows 10
If a simple program can recover license key, then it must surely be ProduKey. ProduKey is developed by Nirsoft, a developer famous for its effective password recovery and security solutions. And they did a great job with ProduKey, as well. This program comes as a portable application, so all you need to do is to download it, extract the ZIP file, and start looking for your license key.


license crawler windows 10
LicenseCrawler is another tiny, portable tool for checking license keys of Windows 10, its default apps and services, and every other third-party program installed on your computer. This program scans your registry, in order to find all available license and product keys, and makes them visible to you.
User interface of LicenseCrawler might be a little more complex than in some other license key recovery tools, but you should have absolutely no problems getting around. Once you start the program, just click the ‘Start Search’ button to start the registry scan, and once the scan is finished, all your product keys are going to be listed. Product keys will be listed as registry entries, but once again, you should have no problems recognizing programs and services.

Belarc Advisor

belarc advisor windows 10

Belarc Advisor is a program for more advanced users, who don’t just to retrieve the license key. This program builds up a profile of  all software installed on your computer, along with network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, antivirus status and security benchmarks, for complete analysis.

Belarc Advisor has more complex user interface than regular license key recovery tools, so you might look around a bit until you find your Windows 10’s license key. When you open this program, it runs a deep analysis of your system (which might take a while), and shows you all results in a webpage.

Belarc Advisor is available for free