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Solution: Error 0x803f7001 – not a valid Windows 10 product key

The error 0x803f7001 in Windows 10 on a wrong product key points. May you have changed hardware such as the motherboard. As you come to the correct key, to activate Windows 10, we explain to you here.

0x803f7001: error code and cause

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If the error code 0x803F7001, you get the following error message:

“Error when activating, because this unit has no valid digital license and a valid product key. Error code: 0x803f7001”

Solution Error 0x803f7001 not a valid product key in Windows 10

The product key is therefore not valid or was not accepted.

Caution: While bearing in mind that you can no longer read the right Windows key Windows 10! During an upgrade to Windows 10, so, you need the original key from Windows 7 or 8. There can be still read out the key.

The error can also occur if you have changed hardware such as a hard disk or the motherboard. In the case of her jumps right on this point.

Solution: obtain 0x803f7001 – key from a previous version of Windows

Probably something is wrong so when activated. For example, Windows 7 or 8 was not activated before you have installed the Windows-10 upgrade. Then, you can restore a backup of Windows 7 or 8 to read the key correctly. If you have no backup, you will do the following.

Windows 10 Pro Key

Solution Error 0x803f7001 - not a valid Windows 10 product key

  • That you can do, if you do not enable can Windows 10.
    Solution: check key from Microsoft can be 0x803f7001 –

Checks whether you have correctly entered the Windows key:

Changes with the Windows key + i in the settings and navigate to update, activation, and security.
Click on product key change and enter the key again.
This ensure that the keyboard caps lock is disabled.
If the error still occurs, you turn you as follows on the Microsoft product support services, to check the key:

1.ruft the Microsoft hotline at the number on: 0180 6 67 22 55.
2.Im phone menu pushes her 1 for “Private”, then 1 for “Help” and 2 for “Problems with the product key”.
3.Ein staff will then check your product key and help you.

Windows 10 is not long on the market, however, have already changed numerous users on the latest operating system from Microsoft. It also includes? And what are your experiences with Windows 10? Fully satisfied, windows 10 product key cheap rather not so enthusiastic about or have you uninstalled it again? Let us know in the following survey on Windows 10!